February 23, 2010

Looking Back and the Cats Meow

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

I have been blogging alot lately and I am loving it! I usually do it around the same times of the day it seems either A.) When Aiden is napping or B.) LATE at night/early morning when Aiden is sleeping.

haha...notice a trend here? Yes, blogging is "ME" time...this is like my personal journal and I know my posts might not be the most exciting...but its so fun going back and rereading my past entries


When I told everyone I was preggo
Wondering where he was?
Aiden was born!

Pretty cool moments to go back and look at what I was writing and feeling. Man, this would be an awesome time to tell someone Im preggo again..BUT IM NOT..so dont think that...its just Aiden consumes my life and before him...nothing seems that important (except meeting and marrying Brent afterall, because without him I wouldnt have Aiden haha)

I am mentioning this because I found a great website where I can turn my blog into a book or several books so that I can always remember these posts...I really want to do this but its alot of $$$$..

Anyways....back to cardmaking and scrapbook

Here is the Get Sketchy Challenge

And here is my version of the sketch...sorry its Easter again haha. I promise next project WONT be Easter....hows that??

In my last post I talked about finding good deals at GoodWill and how I never went..but now
I Am HOOKED!!! Shoppers of goodwill will know what I mean when the color of the week was green.
Dont worry...just until I went I had no clue what that meant..but for me it was great that it was green because these cats meows had a green label/price tag on them for $2.99 or .99 each and I got them HALF off that...so for 17 cats meow (some pretty old) I got them for like $17.00. Talk about a deal in my book!
Okay well Aiden is waking back up from his nap so I gotta go but come back soon for a non Easter card...I promise ;)


~amy~ said...

super cute easter card!

Dora said...

This is very sweet!
thanks for playing!


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