February 24, 2010

C'mon Weekend........

Believe it or not....I do not have an Easter card to show you today

In fact...I have NO card to show you today. Its been a crazy day here and Mr. Aiden doesnt think I should make him take a nap, or eat any lunch, or be nice to mommy in that matter.

Hopefully I will be able to sneak off to my stamp/scrap room tonight when hes getting his daddy fix in...he sure loves his daddy :)

I am excited for the weekend to come. I recieved another free room at a casino and of course Aiden LOVES it when we do this because he gets to see his grandma and grandpa. He loves it!!

Then I hope to go to the CKC event in Louisville........not taking any classes because the hubby will be with me so Im not alone (can you see why I love this guy??) So it will just to be to shop and look around and enjoy ourselves being kid free for a couple more hours until we pick Mr. Aiden back up

What I love about Brent is that he will NOT whine, complain, stay in the car, give me a time limit, or a $$ limit (I do good good though!). He actually secretly plans to take me to these events because they make me happy but then I always end up ruining his plans somehow lol...and he carries all my goodies for me...and if it were snowing or raining or even if we parked 9430 miles away...he would go and get the car for me. I am so lucky to have him!! Hes my best friend and I hope he knows that whenever theres a starting lineup convention..Im all there, in front of the line!!

Here is a video today that I made doing a demo & review on the NEW GCD Studios Melody Ross Chipart tool...........enjoy!

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