January 8, 2014

Catch Up Post

Well, I promised I would blog more and show pics and scrapbook pages since my grandma and grandpa left for Florida so here I go!

We have been snowed in here.  Brent was able to finally get out and go to work today!  2014 hasn't been going to well for us here
  • On Sunday my car quit working.  The motor gave out that switches from auto, 2wheel, to 4weel etc.  So I have been stuck at home without a car
  • We have about 9-10" of snow and huge drifts since we live out on the open
  • Someone hit our mailbox, and its completely gone.  Pretty sure it was a snowplow.  My beautiful mailbox only lasted 6 months.........sigh........ 
  • So were not getting any mail (including important packages and bills of course) and I cant get out to get the mail from the post office
  • And my favorite scrapbook store is closing.  Archivers will no longer be around and I had so much fun when I worked there.  I will miss seeing all the pretty products in person
I did however get to finish my deco mesh wreath for January.

Check back soon for more pics! 

November 19, 2013


I cannot believe it is almost Thanksgiving!  November is flying by.  I have been busy scrapbooking.  I cannot believe I am almost caught up, this is so exciting because I was a few years behind not too long ago.
Here is what we have been up to lately.
We had some really bad storms the other day and it was fun/scary watching it race in and the clouds changing and moving so fast.
Scrapbooked a little

Created my Christmas deco mesh wreath.
Here is the "before"

And the after.  I love the way it turned out.  It was weird working with a shape other than a circle at first.  Its very sparkly in real life.

Hope everyone has a great week!

November 2, 2013

Halloween and Scrapbooking

Are you excited about gaining an extra hour of sleep?!  We have had such a great weekend so far.  Actually it feels like a long weekend because Brent was off Thursday and Friday.
They rescheduled trick or treating to November 1st, due to bad storms, rain, and lots of wind.  I am so happy..it would have been miserable going out in it!
Here is a picture of Aiden, he wanted to be a ninja this year.
We couldn't find his monogrammed fabric bag so we opted for a larger Halloween gift bag, until the bag broke.  Luckily it was when we were walking back ;)

Even got to stop at the local fire station.  Aiden was excited they had their ladder extended as high as it could go and all the lights flashing.  He loved it!

I also did some scrap booking today.
 Using the new Pink Paislee Color Wash collection
Teresa Collins- You are my happy collection

Crate Paper Collection

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

October 24, 2013

We miss summer

We sure do miss summer around here.  It went from nice weather to COLD almost instantly.
Sorry for the lack of blogging.  Life hasnt slowed down at all since we moved in.  House is still noway near where we want it to be as far as decorating and such but we will get there......
Here's some fast updates:
Aiden turned 5!  This year we were able to have his party at our new house!  He wanted a firetruck theme.


Went to Chuck E Cheese and Aiden hit some jackpots...I mean really?!  A 5 year old?

Tickets are just spewing out right now...not even an exaggeration LOL

Made a new wreath for the front door

Scrapbooked some

Grass grew!!!!

Aiden got a new playground and hes been in heaven!

I promise it wont be so long before I blog again!

August 7, 2013

1st day of school

Aiden's first day of his new preschool was this afternoon.  He did really well and was able to do the drop off without any problems!!

When I picked him up, I was there a few min early and I could see his class playing outside.  He was having SO much fun and I think he forgot all about the bee sting at that moment in time :)

Here are some photos we took before we left.
I cannot believe he is going to be in kindergarten...where oh where has time gone?  I may or may not have cried a few tears when I dropped him off...AGAIN!  You would think that after 2 years of preschool I wouldn't do this anymore but I just love this kid more than anything or anyone and I hate dropping him off in new places where I have no clue who these people are or what could happen.

It did only last a minute this time though LOL.

Hopefully tomorrow goes just as smoothly!

The bee sting

Last night was Aiden's open house for his new preschool in our area.  It is a Montessori class so I am excited to see the things Aiden will get to do and learn with the new way of learning.
Everything was going great until we went to the playground after.  Aiden got stung by a bee on his ankle and it was his first time.  He was shrieking and screaming instantly and so loud.  Every other parent was so confused and it was a little bit embarrassing, I'm not going to lie LOL.
Of course I am panicked because I had NO clue if he was allergic to bee stings.  That can be a big deal!!  Luckily some silly jokes, an icepack from his cooler with drinks and a promise of McDonald's for dinner did the trick.  We even convinced him to go back and face his fears.
I pretended to call the school and tell them they had to get rid of the bees.  He believed it ;)  and off we went.  Thank god the bees left the play piece and he was able to get back on it.  Poor thing.
I will post 1st day of school pics in the morning.
He loves the chalkboard in the classroom.  His last preschool had a dry erase so this HUGE chalkboard was new and fun for him.

Making thumbprint leaves

Before the "accident"  His school mascot is a spider and this is a spider to climb on and apparently bees live under it ;)

Poor thing (on his ankle)


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