September 7, 2008

Where is he?

Well I am still preggo...which wasnt my plan for this weekend lol. I have been doing lots of "myths" to start labor.......last night I--
  • Walked ALOT..we went to garage sales again and several scrapbook stores (yay)
  • I went and got Raspberry Leaf tea!!!
  • I ate SPICY SPICY food...not my fav but I did it anyways
  • I bounced on a birthing ball
  • I thought POSITIVE THOUGHTS and prayed haha
  • Had my hubby rub my feet (pressure points)..I dont think he believed me on this one lol

I know I did more..but I cant really remember them all. when I went to bed I was cramping REALLY bad for an hour or so...then I guess I fell asleep and they went away...BOO!!! I am hoping since the Colts play tonight and Brent REALLY wants to watch the game that it will happen haha. One thing I will not do is castor oil...although I did borrow a bottle from my sister...just in case ya know ;)

I am going to do the same things again...walk...drink spicy foods..and make cards. I got alot of the new cuttlebug A2 folders and spellbinders dies at Hobby Lobby!!! I will keep everyone updated!!!

1 comment:

Gina Wrona said...

okay then, since you haven't posted since this one, i assume he finally arrived?


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