August 30, 2008

Little Buckaroo

Well I did have time to scrapbook an ultrasound image for my preggo book and then I also got to finish 2 of these little buckaroo cards. So much fun to make...I am getting use to making boyish/manish cards (its tough because I have SO SO SO much pink paper I want to eat up!!!) But I am finding sllllllllowly that I do have some non girly pattern paper lol.

I love this image...its a new one from Hobby Lobby because this past week they were 1/2 off and the hubby let me get two stamps (we were just killing time and I wasnt suppose to be shopping haha). The other image is of a train...see another boy stamp!! Be proud I am making improvement here!! Well I am going to get off here tonight and wait for Brent to get home!! Night

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