August 30, 2008

Garage Sales

I use to hate garage sales...dont ask me why because I really dont know...Maybe its the whole getting up early...fighting people who are pros at garage sales..and just because I never really bought used stuff. But as you know..I am wanting to start labor so I am doing just about anything I can think of.....including walking! So when my husband noticed a local neighborhood having their community garage sales...he was all up for it......and so was I (after getting mcdonalds for breakfast of course haha)

We werent really looking for anything at all and probably only had $25 cash on us (debit king and queen here!) we set off......I started to really enjoy it and I wanted MORE!!! So we drove around everywhere looking for things......We bought so many childrens book and they are in such GREAT shape......Aiden has a whole shelf filled now in his room and I love it!! We got so many disney, Dr. Suess, and more that we remember reading as a kid!!!! So now I have to say I am addicted to garage sales! Of course I looked for stamps as well but as my luck finds :(

Hubby is at work till midnight so I have been busy putting the books away we got today, laundry, and now I am going to scrapbook and finish some cards...I might post again later tonight and show finished products...we'll see!! Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!!!

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