August 26, 2008

Moby Wrap

Mine came yesterday!!!! I am very excited about this piece of cloth called a Moby Wrap. I got the color that it didnt show any stains and matched any outfit. I am really wanting to baby wear Aiden right when he is born. I have read all the stats and info about how babies love it!!! Of course right when I got it....I just had to practice lol.....but seeing as I am 9 months preggo and I used a build a bear for my "baby" I looked stupid and wasnt doing it right hahah. But now I have it mastered and I just need Aiden to get here!!!

Yesterday Brent and I went to the mall and I just did laps pretty much and went into stores and just window shopped...hoping this helps!! I just have so much pressure and pain constantly down this normal?!?! Aiden has been head down for a long time now and I have already maybe its just normal pressure. A sad thing has happened......I no longer can wear my pretty wedding and engagement sad about this. But people have been scaring me with how they will cut them off!! I cant let that happen..I think Brent would divorce me faster than I could say WAIT..LET ME SPIT ON MY HAND!!! due to how much they were for the time being they are in a safe place and now I feel like people "look at me differently" hahaha...its all in my head though!!!

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Tracy said...

I have been reading your blog for along time but have never commented! I felt like that when I was at the end of my pregnancy with my son! It will happen soon! Don't worry! I think this looks like a good wrap. The one I had went from one shoulder across and I found it really hard on my back.


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