January 22, 2010


Wow...Im doing quite a few posts here lately..I love it! This blog is almost like my journal/way of getting things out. So fun!! I dont know if I could ever run out of things to talk about..especially when you have a 16 month old in your life

In this post I talked about going to Target to buy one of those cute organization bins...well let me tell you..it was an adventure getting one of them.

Aiden is in this weird phase where he doesnt want to ride in a cart but cant really walk beside you either or listen to you in that matter. So I pretty much avoid going out to places I LOVE without another person with me (I.E. Brent, my sister, my mom, my friends) you get the idea...moral support is what you could call it lol

I cant handle the cart, hold him while hes thrasing around, still enjoy my favorite stores, and forget about remembering what I went in there for..but I was on a mission. They were on massive sale that week and I was bored and I NEEDED something for all these toys..so I set off

Couldnt find a close parking space, a tons of crazies in there flocking to everywhere I wanted to look wouldnt you know it, and Aiden trying to stand in the card as Im going full speed to get one of these cubbies only to find out they were SOLD OUT! WHAT?! I have dreamed of redoing his toys in this certain bin style! After finding an employee we found out that the other target across town apparently has 8..as I was running away the nice man told me to call before I went over to make sure!

I didnt have time to call..I rushed over there and by the time I made it Aiden is asleep and I have to hold him and push the cart for the item....I held my breathe and GASP there was ONE left......MINE!! Trying to get it off the shelf, into my cart, while holding a sleeping 16 month old and a mom who is hot, tired, and cranky doesnt mix well. In my head I battled..let him sleep...forget about the bins..yell for help..........I woke Aiden up.....I hated it but I needed to get the box in the cart so we could go home. Anyways long story short..it was totally worth my mess of getting it and it looks great and works great....

Have a good weekend...wait you really think after building this story in your mind I really wouldnt have any pics?? Here they are



So yes..I love it..works great..worth the "adventure"
Oh yah..I hope people know that Im kidding..we do take Aiden out..We do love him.we dont let him hang from the carts and go as fast as we can loland blah blah blah haha..I have to put that or else people like to leave not so nice comments. Perks of having a blog!!


Stamping at tiffanys said...

Love how organized your lil man got!! ::wink wink:: lol!

PamB said...

You are so funny describing your Target "run". We went through the same thing with Miranda when she was younger, she didn't want to be in a cart at all. So I would start to bring a snack and sippy cup for her to keep her occupied. She would still throw fits and scream, but I wouldn't let her out. Got some stares from others, but didnt care. :D Aryanna didn't do to bad and right now Jacob does okay unless daddy is with us and walks away to go look at something. :D Your toy area looks like ours too!!


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