August 7, 2013

The bee sting

Last night was Aiden's open house for his new preschool in our area.  It is a Montessori class so I am excited to see the things Aiden will get to do and learn with the new way of learning.
Everything was going great until we went to the playground after.  Aiden got stung by a bee on his ankle and it was his first time.  He was shrieking and screaming instantly and so loud.  Every other parent was so confused and it was a little bit embarrassing, I'm not going to lie LOL.
Of course I am panicked because I had NO clue if he was allergic to bee stings.  That can be a big deal!!  Luckily some silly jokes, an icepack from his cooler with drinks and a promise of McDonald's for dinner did the trick.  We even convinced him to go back and face his fears.
I pretended to call the school and tell them they had to get rid of the bees.  He believed it ;)  and off we went.  Thank god the bees left the play piece and he was able to get back on it.  Poor thing.
I will post 1st day of school pics in the morning.
He loves the chalkboard in the classroom.  His last preschool had a dry erase so this HUGE chalkboard was new and fun for him.

Making thumbprint leaves

Before the "accident"  His school mascot is a spider and this is a spider to climb on and apparently bees live under it ;)

Poor thing (on his ankle)


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