August 5, 2013

I'm back!!

Hello everyone
(any readers left?! LOL)
Hopefully some of you check back now that the house is done, were still working on some boxes (photos and old baby items and junk).  But we are able to breathe and are getting things done.  I will be posting some house pics soon but for now I'll just share our mini vacation pictures later.
Here is what has happened since I last posted:
  • Our well water is great now.  No more smelly water or iron.  Wasn't cheap to get there but I absolutely love drinking our water now and I never thought I would say that LOL
  • We got satellite tv and Internet back.  Internet took awhile but we got it and its great!
  • We just purchased some storage items for the basement and garage so hopefully that will start to look better.  We were at a standstill till we got storage items.
  • Scrapbook room is finished!!!
We still do not have new furniture or even a dining room table but I am being Miss Picky and I still cannot find something.  I know what I want but I cant find it LOL.
We love the house.  I love being here and it defiantly feels like home more and more each day.  Aiden starts his new preschool on Wednesday so I am praying that goes well and he enjoys it.
We also took a mini vacation over a weekend not too long ago.  Aiden has been begging to go to the beach and he just didn't get that it took a long time to get there. 
So Brent surprised us and booked us a room in St. Joe Michigan.
I swear if you had blind folded me and just showed me the lake I would have thought it was an ocean. It was wonderful!
I cannot believe summer is almost is a quick recap.
Closed in June 2013 on our new home
Moving day

Amy & Aiden dancing in the truck because we were FINALLY done!

Someone hit my car while we were at the mall.  Aiden loved seeing the 2 cops and getting toys from them LOL
Watched Aidens first movie in a theatre.  Monsters University

Scentsy family reunion

Private Kelly Clarkson concert for us.  We had such great seats!!

Scent Warriors.  My Scentsy team I belong to

Many trips to swimming lessons and swimming
Scentsy freebies and orders.  I love Scentsy!!

Fun with our families

St. Joe Michigan trip


He was so dirty at the end of the night.  I swear I still have sand in my washer

Playgrounds right along the lake
We did a dune ride and it was SO MUCH FUN!!  The best thing we did on the trip.
Ended the trip with a stop at the candy store.

We have had such a wonderful summer!

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