June 10, 2013

Concrete has been poured

I cannot believe its Monday already.  Our weekend has flown by!  Aiden hasn't been feeling well this weekend so we will be taking it easy today.  I have a dentist apt but its not till later today.
Wanted to share the concrete photos we took over the weekend.  We are getting close!  We have seen some minor things that need to be addressed/fixed but other than that its going pretty smoothly.
There will be the asphalt milling's connecting these 2 pieces of concrete, but that will happen once we move in since they live down the road.
Turnaround pad (basketball area)

Curved sidewalk.  I love it!

Lots of landscaping is in our future isn't it

Reverse osmosis was installed

Cleaning has been started

All of Aidens bath fixtures have been installed

 Front door can be seen now
Counter has been installed but now they used too long of screws and/or screwed them too tight.  In the right light you can see little bumps in the laminate.  This will bug me so hopefully they replace or fix


Also mowed the grass while we were there. 

This weekend we also did the Lowed build and grow project. 

We had a wonderful weekend and are ready to move!

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