June 4, 2013

Aiden's summer has started!

Well, Aiden is officially out of school.  His preschool tested him out of the program we were in and I didn't really want to pay for him to attend this week when he has been so burnt out lately and getting in trouble at school.
Photo from his first day of preschool this year and last (Friday)
You can tell how tall he is getting.  His head is over the deadbolt on the door now. 
Can we freeze time now?!
We had a little party for him at school.  He wanted to bring mini sugar cookies, dorito mix, capri suns and bubbles for every one in his class.
It was so fun to see him hand write his name for EVERY single 20 bubble tags we made and attached.  So fun to see him do that!

The thank you tags my mom and I made for the teachers.  Thanks mom!
Note was written on the back of each one we made

Can you tell hes excited for summer!?

He also had a special present in the mail from grandma Nancy.  He has been wanting this DVD since they watched it in school.  I love it, he sings along with the letters!

House News:
We are getting close!!  My mom and I went shopping again for the house on Sunday and got a few more things for the house...new towels for Brent and I, decor, front door and patio entry way mats, inside entry rugs, and curtain rods.  We really need to order blinds and decide on paint color.
Hoping we can somehow manage to hire someone to paint for us, but who am I kidding...it looks like it will be Brent and I.  This part I am dreading
Little touches are going in like........
light switch plates

vent covers

and the rough grade has been completed.  Can you tell who wanted to play in the freshly graded mud?!
And can you guess which mom didn't have ANY spare clothes.  This photo actually makes it look alot better than it was or perhaps I just was a tad bit mad when it happenend and everything appeared worse than it was...  That mud was thick on him.  Of course I didn't have my purse and the clothes in the car was out of season and I had just taken them out to wash and replace with shorts.

So yah...he rode home in his underwear and blankets.  He wasn't too happy and wouldn't pose for picture ;)
We also got some lockers for Aidens room!  Cant wait to put them in there!!

We met with the concrete guy yesterday to talk about sidewalk and driveway apron design so we will be doing that soon and hoping to move in soon....
Have a great week!

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