May 28, 2013

We have.....CARPET!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  We had alot of fun spending the weekend together and with our families.
On Saturday we went to the horse racing and Aiden was in love.  In fact he pretty much guessed/called every horse that won that night.  Perhaps a future in horse racing?! LOL
On Sunday we went to my parents for a cook out and also had fun.  We met Brents parents and sister at the house on Monday before his sister left to go back home since she hadn't been to the new house yet since construction started and the carpet guys were there!
So sadly we couldn't show the house too much since they were busy working.  Carpet was suppose to go in today, but they were working on a holiday.
We went to look at some stores and came back later that night and they were finished.  We have never been so happy to see new carpet!
Aiden in the dining room
The boys enjoying the new carpet

Living Room

My scrapbook room

Aiden in his room

Spare bedroom

And the basement stairs.  They look so much nicer and finished with carpet on them!

Even the closets look better.

Master Bedroom

Water heater is starting to get installed/hooked up
As well as the final sump pump (well at least 1, we have 2)

Water spigots are in and finished bricking around them

So yesterday we started packing some more, it is finally starting to hit us.  We are moving sooner than later and anything we can do now will be a big help.

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