May 24, 2013

Starting to feel like a home...

It's Friday!  YAY!  Hopefully I start feeling better.  For about a week now I have been so sick and feeling miserable.  Yesterday I dragged Aiden to the doctors (again) with me and turns out it has turned into bronchitis.  Not fun.  So I am now on some heavy doses of steroids.
I feel terrible though and I am ready for bed about 10-11 pm which is not like me at all LOL.  So praying these pills start working. I take 8 today, that is crazy!!
Anyways, so last night after dinner we decided to drive to the house.  I was happy because it got my mind off the coughing and feeling bad.  There were so many little changes done again that its really starting to seem almost finished.
I know when they told me this last week or so I didn't believe anyone, it all seemed so "rough" inside, but now its really starting to look like a house.
White paint has started going on the walls.  This makes a big difference, no more smudges.
Door/lock was installed on our back sliding door

ceiling fan installed in living room

Aidens bathroom lights in

powder room lights in

Master bath.  Not sure why 2 bulbs are missing.  We are actually suppose to have 2 of these fixtures so I need to decide if I like them and have them fix it or if I want to change it down the road, of course fixing and repairing holes from 1 fixture will be easier.

Lots of shelves added to pantry

This was a nice surprise.  I didn't know that they would install my pendent light over the island.  I have been stressing trying to figure out what I wanted so this really works for awhile!!

Added the island.  This makes the kitchen look complete

Redid counter, however we are pretty sure the raised piece is still not correct.......and were pretty sure they notice it as well since it wasn't put on yet.

The sink

Not sure why 1 light bulb is now missing...

I believe they are adhering the wrought iron pieces and the boards are making sure everything is straight

Doorbell has been installed

Yah, you can tell I don't feel great LOL. Oh well I am excited about the kitchen and the way it it!

Water heater had also been installed downstairs!
Have a great weekend!

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