May 22, 2013

Catch Up

I don't really have too much exciting news regarding the house, they are still plugging away on it.
They have redelivered our counter (raised piece and where sink goes) due to it being too long last time.  So that is exciting that it will be back in.

Installed our master shower doors, which I'm not too excited about.  Seeking other options so we shall see.

They look fine when left opened LOL.

Window ledge was created over my tub

Air Conditioner has been put outside.  Needs concrete pad that is why its raised.

Well has been finished I guess?!


There was water left?  Lets hope that is a good sign

Well tank in basement with constant water pressure

We also found out we can keep the brick pallets that are opened, so we can do a decorative mailbox in the future.  Yay!

This week/early next week they are going to paint (only had time to paint white..not a custom color), finish septic hopefully.  The rain needs to stay away.  They are also going to clean the bricks again, finish the bricking where the water spigots are.  Our construction manager even said carpet is going in on Tuesday.  It was suppose to be this week but he didn't think the painters could paint the house in 1 day.  Carpet?!  That is exciting!!  They have always said plan on 3 weeks after carpet.  We are so ready!
Have a great week!

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