May 14, 2013

Getting Closer and lots of photos!

Sorry for the lack of updating...time is flying by!!
I had a wonderful Mother's Day.  I am so blessed to be Aidens mommy.  I love him so much.  He is at such a fun age and he is so smart and just fun to be around.
I remember when he was little I couldn't wait to have conversations with him....he tells the funniest stories and hes all about knock knock jokes right now, even though they aren't funny or make sense he thinks its the greatest joke cute!
We went to the house today to drop off some more stair parts and they were actually finishing them up and didn't need any extra.  Yay for returning and getting some $$$$ back.
Here are some updates:  Get ready for some photos.
Lots of little things around the house but things that need to be done before we can move in :)
I was excited to see most of our lighting was installed, including the can lights.  Still waiting on ceiling fans, bathroom lights, and the outside garage can lights.
Dining Room fixture

Eat in kitchen area (kitchen table will be under this)

Installed the hardware on most sinks...I can already tell I will be anal about keeping this house spotless

toilets are in

Aiden in his bathroom with the tile that was redone today (they had messed up and put linoleum in)

Mirrors are starting to go up

We then figured out the lights worked!  So exciting!!

Closet shelving installed. Yah...this wont last long.  We need to add some more in the master!

Tile is finished, except 1 tile is missing in front of shower.  Wonder if it cracked?!



The open basement stairs!!

The pattern we picked out

Love this part.  It really makes the room!
Crown molding on the kitchen cabinets

Linen closet was installed in master bath.

The stone guy was able to finish the stone.............

Because they were able to pour the concrete porch (and the back one!!)  YAY!!!!  This was suppose to be done a long time ago but was always wet and muddy.

When we went to the house today they are working on the base boards and all the trimmings and my doorbell has a spot now.  Yes....they did cover it up, I was right to worry LOL.  Door bell chimes are in and we tested it LOL...
It's so funny how excited we (well, me especially) with the little things like lights and the door bell working)  This has been a fun but very stressful process.  This has been a true custom home.  I had nightmares on the color of the shingles and what the stone would look like because we truly never knew till it was done.  I am so happy to say that so far (knock on wood) all our custom choices have been working out and look like how I wanted it to.
Still no news on how the well is or the septic.  I really  hope they finish those big items up especially since it will be raining again this weekend coming up.
Sorry for the photo overload.  Hope you enjoy the pics!

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