May 10, 2013

House Update

Its Friday!  We have lots to do this weekend.  I am hoping to look at the new house (I haven't been all week--just Brent). 

We are building in an area where we need a septic and well.  They are working on the septic and the well started the other day, but the truck got stuck in the yard and the whole morning was gone.

Brent said they had to call a tow truck to pull them out of our yard.  Of course they said they would try again 1 more time today but obviously not in that location.  So we decided its a gamble anywhere on the property so we choose a spot where the previous well is (there is one already on the property, but its old and needed a few repairs)
They found a spot....and hit a boulder and couldn't get it out so that spot didn't work.  Promised they would find a new spot in the morning.
The last we have heard is they found water and we will be able to test it soon to see how nice of a well it is.  Please pray and keep your fingers crossed this well works and is viable.  Water is pretty important........

Brent said they also fixed our flooring in the bathrooms (they had installed linoleum and not the real tile we had wanted)

Finished shower (just need to grout all the tile) and added 2 shelves and the bench top

Love the way the shower turned out!
Hopefully we keep moving forward.  I feel like they are moving pretty fast and we are ahead of schedule still.  Maybe I should think about starting to pack up all the things in the spare bedroom I know we wont need?!
Have a great weekend!

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