June 11, 2013

Sticker Crazy!!

I feel like my photos are getting less and less since we are almost there!  Then it will be taking photos of the decorating and diy projects we want to do once we are settled in and get a savings going again LOL.
Yesterday we took Aiden to his pediatrician and it turns out he has a sinus infection so we got him some medicine.  I also had a dentist apt in the same city so we just hung around in time for my cleaning. 
After dinner out we drove by the house and were excited to see they came back and finished the rough grade.  It is so much smoother now and we really need to get some grass seed going.
(click photos to make larger)
Rough grade was finished yesterday.  Time for some grass seed!

I just love how excited Aiden is to be living here at the new home!

We can walk on the concrete, just not drive.  We were so excited to walk on it!

I might have went a little "red dot sticker crazy".  You put these on items you want fixed or addressed.  I always have the problem if I am being too picky?!  So when in doubt...mark it and if they fix it great........

We were so sad to see the baby ducks were hatched and gone just like that from our rental.  We have been looking and watching for weeks now and now shes gone just like that LOL.

Today the owner of the company that is building our home is walking through.  He goes to every home they build.  Then we are waiting on the county to walk through and inspect it.  So this week is pretty much over in terms or work and changes. 
Then its just finishing up the small minor things we red dotted and the things our construction manager found and then closing on the home.
Well I need to get ready, Aiden's first swim lesson is today!


Tbabs said...

yay.. its almost time

Tbabs said...

yay.. its coming to life.. cant wait


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