April 11, 2013

House Update: Bricks are done!

The week is going by pretty fast if you ask me, perhaps it's because I do not have my 4 year old helper with me as I have had for the past 2 weeks.
I am getting ready to finish my last 2 larger orders on Etsy and I am excited..I will be caught up!  Spring break got me quite behind.
Yesterday it go hot here in the house....our air conditioning here at the rental is not working so we need to call someone to look at it and the house was in the high 80's and Aiden and I do not do heat LOL.  So we decided to drive by the house last night to get out of the rental home.
They had done alot this past week.
(click to make larger)
Front of the home all bricked and ready for stone!
They did our arch on the front

Ready to see it with stone!

I am not sure what this is called but they finished the bottom of the roof area with our can lights, soffit area?!

Bricked arch in my scrapbook room.  The cedar pieces will be painted to match trim

Finished the drywall

Aiden in is finished room

Who knew we would get so excited over drywall and bricks....I have learned so much during this home building process and how everything really works when at one time I never noticed gables, hip roofs, ceiling heights........does this mean I am getting old?! LOL
We will go by again this weekend to see if any anything has been worked out.  They were starting to work on the gutters.
Also, I took this photo this morning and its pretty funny.  Every morning I come downstairs and Chloe is wrapped and snuggled in least 2 blankets on the couch.  I never remember leaving the blankets quite like that.  Shes pretty annoyed I woke her up and took her photo with my bright flash. 

I hope everyone has a great week, whats left of it :)

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