April 15, 2013

Fun Weekend

Hello!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Our weekend was super busy!
On Saturday my family met to celebrate my uncle's 50th birthday.  We surprised him and took him to the Jim Bean distillery, it was pretty interesting
We also went to the casino and had pizza and cake.  On Sunday we went to the new house and once again they had been there during the weekend working....here is whats new:
Starting the stone arch area

Started the gutters

Finished the drywall

Started putting the texture on the ceilings

Another shot of the stone pieces

I noticed someone had untaped our door area, not sure if they were curious to see it or if one of the workers did it, but I was excited to finally see a glimpse of it!

Love this shot....makes me so excited to call this place home.  I cannot wait till we are moved in and I can watch my 2 favorite people play and make memories here.  This is a big reason we went ahead and did the driveway, Aiden can bounce a ball, ride a bike, and even just run on it....he wouldn't be able to do that if it was solid gravel driveway.

Such a fun weekend!  I cannot wait to see the arch finished and see what is next inside!

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