April 7, 2013

Dry wall Time and police help

Time for another update...it seems like each time we go something has been done and its a great feeling!  Lots of people there on the weekends as well.
Here is how our Saturday went
Today we drove by the land and before that we stopped at an estate sale and it was pretty creepy.  Old house where obviously the owner(s) were deceased.  Old glasses and magnets and books all left where it was last placed.  Of course, Aiden was spooked by the house LOL, and wanted to be carried...so Brent took of his jacket and we locked the car doors......and the keys inside, and we didn't realize this till we were ready leave.  Great.......stuck here in the middle of no-where.  Brent went back to ask for the non emergency number or a phone book since he doesn't have a smart phone anymore and mine was in the cup holder, they thought we were coming back to buy something..oops! LOL  Anyways a nice police officer was able to unlock the car door for us and Aiden thought that was pretty cool.
We then finally made it to the house and they had started the drywall and the Masons were almost finished.
They delivered so pea gravel...no more high ramp to get in house.

Brent loves his garage (and Aiden)

Tray ceiling in master

Tray in dining room

We added some more can lights in the living room area

Back porch area looks so nice bricked

I was happy they bricked this area some
Almost done on this side

My mom gave Aiden a new shovel and he put it to work (if you couldn't tell, he loves it mom...its in every photo LOL)

Almost finished and then its stone/arch

I am loving the little details of the arched brick we chose.

I love the house more and more, we are so blessed and ready for this next stage of our life! 

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