March 12, 2013

Arches are in!

We have had such a great weekend/Monday.
On Saturday we took Aiden to another Lowe's build and grow (will post pics later) as well as the field trip photos from Friday from Aiden's preschool.
On Sunday I met my mom to go house decor shopping and it was so much fun!  We really knocked off alot of "needed" things for the house (as much as we can till we see actual space and walls up).
Curtains are all finished and that was the biggest thing I was worried about.  Aidens bath is completely done!
Thank you mom for helping me :)
She also got to see the house in person which was fun to show someone else!
We went tonight and they were still working at is what they worked on.
No front door yet...hoping they install this tomorrow?!
And no front arch outside, but they did do the arches inside and the basement stairs.
Arch in the foyer area
One of the dining room arches

Arch back to the bedrooms

They did the stairs!  We were able to peak downstairs!

Love this layout..I really wanted arches!  You can see the mudroom arch, dining room,. and the foyer

Temp stair rail.  This will be wrought iron.

Aiden and daddy in the dark, wet basement.  Aiden keeps referring to this as his basement!

They also built my shower bench!

It is so fun to see all the progress they make each day!!

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