March 9, 2013

What a difference....

Hello Everyone!
We were able to go to to the house site today and check on the process but also try and deliver our decorative glass window and front door....however, they were trying to finish the roof with the black tarp things because rain is coming and we didn't want to leave our items just laying there, so we took them back home with us.  What a pain that has been today :)
Here are the photos I snapped today.  They had all the windows in (except for my master bath) and the back patio door is ready to go on. 
They still need to frame the arches in the inside and the main one on the outside, but I can start to see everything come together.
Aiden in the dining room.
Vaulted ceiling goes the entire length of house

Aiden and I in the foyer


Living room windows

Aiden in his room

Master Bedroom

 Messy garage
Garage side of the house

Windows in the garage bays

Front of the house now has the peaks.  Waiting on the arch to be built on the front.

Back of the home.  You can now see the grilling porch on the back!


Love the way it is looking!!  Cannot wait to see drywall and brick and stone!
Hope everyone is having a great weekend.  Cant wait to go "window" shopping with my mom and try to find pretty things for the new house.  My voice is gone...again....but we will make the best of it.

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