March 18, 2013

Time for an update.....

Time for an update don't ya think?!  The days are flying by it seems and the weekends even faster.......
Our weekend was relaxing and much needed.  Friday was pretty decent after Aiden got out of preschool so we did some pretty hard core chalk drawing ;)
I just love watching him draw and write.  I was trying to help him draw straws

Notice the "mom" and "dad" in pink.  He's quite proud he can start to write simple words.
We then went to the house site when Brent got home.  We had the driveway done with asphalt milling's and it looks paved when you drive by, Love the way it has turned out.  Of course taking photos of this at night did not turn out so nice.  I promise its black in real life and not streaky....


Again, I promise in real life its nice :)
Recent photos of the house
Starting the do the plumbing.  We added in a laundry tub rough in.  Now that I have a little boy I can see the importance of having this place to clean shoes and wash hands instead of tracking mud in the entire house.
Part of our counter.........

This might be a problem and be too tall?!  Going to talk to them today and about this......You are suppose to be able to sit down on a bar stool here......  If this is the only problem so far I think that's pretty good ;)
Aiden refers to the basement as his and he was pretty happy they installed the basement window in HIS basement.

My Front door.  I am in love with this!  Of course I picked the Pella statement glass and we about freaked at the cost of the full glass and transom we wanted originally.  Who knew I could pick out their most expensive decorative glass?!  I don't think Brent was too shocked in this talent of min and picking the most pricey items in anything actually.  Of course I scaled back my "design" and got 3/4 glass and no transom.
I really want to peel off that cardboard and see the whole door but I wont yet....

The photos for the next few days probably wont be too exciting as its rough ins, and plumbing.
Hope you have a great week!

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