February 13, 2013

New House Update & Sky Zone

So sorry its been awhile since my last update.  We have been pretty much standstill on the home due to rain and snow and cold temps.  But we are so happy that the basement floor has been poured!  We also drove by on Monday and we noticed they had prepped our garage floor to be poured as well!
So exciting!  So the next part is the back filling and then start the framing.  Framing is the part I am excited for!
The photos aren't much (you cant really see much) since they floor is covered by black blankets to protect it.
You can see a peek of the flooring here

Looks like a mess doesn't it

One thing we are not happy with is the choice they made to not use the temp driveway and instead try to cut across our 5 acres and got stuck.

Deep ruts

This use to be TONS of rocks...not so much anymore
Brent standing in our garage to be
Earlier that day Aiden was invited to his first ever "friend" birthday party.  A new boy in his class named Max.  It was held at a Skyzone, which is an indoor trampoline park.  He had so much fun.  I even got to meet Georgia and Rachel he talks soooo much about haha.

It was so cute to see him around his friends and have so much fun. 
He immediately feel asleep in the car on the way to the land and got to miss the HUGE mud mess, darn LOL.
Check back soon for more updates!!


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