February 5, 2013

House Updates & Video for Grandma

Hello!  Happy Tuesday!  I have lots to share!
We finally were able to get out on the land (its about an hour or so from our rental home) and we could see some progress, not much but some so we will take it.
The weather has been terrible for building, of course :)
Lots of snow and then rain so we still cant pour our basement flooring.  We just want this phase done so we can move onto framing!
But we do have our transformer box for electricity and they hooked up the temp electrical pole so we have a temp sump pump helping to keep our basement dry.

Made such a mess from the road to the place the box is, oh well grass can always grow back.

Some more plumbing work appears to be done and we now have blankets on the floor to help keep it warm and not freeze.

The other day Aiden and I went to my moms house to decorate sugar cookies and play with Carson so mom, Amanda, and I made 3 deco mesh wreaths for my front door for the new house.
I couldn't wait for next year so I went ahead and displayed the Valentines one on our door now
Love the way it turned out.

Mom and I also went to Home Goods to go back to get this sign...we couldn't find it at first so we sure they were gone (there were 2 colors) and we found it at the last min in the front of the register area.  Made for Aidens new bathroom I guess.
We of course picked up some other things for the new home, including a cool metal art piece for Aidens basketball room.  He loves it!
See how perfect this sign it with Aidens bathroom decor.
I didn't want to do something very juvenile, such as Monkeys, Angry Birds, etc because I want this to be something he can keep for a LONG time and still be used if we have another child and its a girl. 
Did you know finding bath pieces like this is hard to find or cant find all the pieces?  Everything either looks too adult or fancy or they are a specific theme such as Paris, Metals, Etc.  So when I saw this polka dot look online I fell in love.
IT WAS ON CLEARANCE!  (I think Brent liked those words from my mouth when ordering)However, I had to order from 2 places to complete his set and still need to get a plain brown shower curtain and bath mat but I love it! So I am waiting on 1 more package to arrive.

We also went to the tile place (see last post to see why) and I just don't understand why they didn't send us there in the first place.  It was amazing!  They had samples after sample and Kathy was SO SO nice to work with.  She really understands how we want our master bath to look with all tile and glass shower with design and built ins and my corner jet tub with tile so I am SO happy she called us.
We even went ahead and asked her to use the title for the master bath floor so that we will not have to upgrade the flooring that was planned.  The powder and Aidens bath will still have Vinyl, but that will be easy to switch when we have extra $$ again.
Also others can skip this part but here is the video I promised my grandma to help with pinterest.  Aiden also makes an appearance at the end really fast.

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