February 1, 2013

Favorite Photo

Happy Friday!
I really don't have any photos to share of the house so I wanted to share the cutest photo of Aiden taken during our boat ride with Brents family.
Goodness, I could stare into those baby blues for hours.......
Such a cutie pie

Monday I hope to have news and photos.  Aiden probably wont be going to school...we have alot to do on Monday.  We get to meet the health department out on our land and they will let us know if we can have a regular septic versus the mound.  Its a long shot, but it could potentially save about
$15-18,000.  And...thats ALOT of money we need to come up with on top of the added winter costs we had to write a check for (yuck)
So please keep praying and fingers crossed it works.  Chances are it wont and it is what is is.  We need a septic....
Also on Monday, they hope to pour the basement flooring!  And we need to visit the flooring company..I guess a color choice was messed up and you know its bad when they call and question a choice LOL....thank goodness.  The border someone how got wrote down wrong and I guess looks like a mess with our full tile shower.
Have a great weekend!

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