January 27, 2013

House Building-Waterproofing Basement

Hey Everyone!
Weekends sure do seem to fly by don't they?!
I am finally starting to feel almost normal again and Aiden isn't really coughing anymore so we decided to check out the house today.
They had waterproofed the basement sometime between the last time we visited.  We were also so happy there was NO water in the basement...yet.  Of course its suppose to rain for the next few days.  But I am so happy there isn't a ton of water in it already from snow melting!
Here are some photos of the waterproofing stage
(not very exciting, but very important)

I was excited to see tubes and plumbing coming out of out sump pump (we have 2 for our basement)
Mr. Aiden himself...hes so excited about this whole process and he LOVES the huge dirt piles we have still for digging.
After we visited the house we went and ordered our front entry door.  We were able to get the statement glass door I fell in love with (it has these little jewels and everything...lol...hence why its called statement glass)
We also ordered our decorative glass window for our master bath.  It is 48"x48" and I am so excited to have this in our home! We were going to go with the typical glass blocks, but the caulking was white and we paid to upgrade all our windows and trims to a sandstone color, and we knew that would bug us, so it all worked out!
We still need to think about appliances and our wrought iron design we want for our basement stairs since its open at the top.
So excited!  Look for more updates soon!

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