January 25, 2013

House Update-Stone Color

Sadly I don't have any updated photos of the basement/house.
Aiden and I have been sick.  Fortunately, I got it worse and have an upper respiratory infection that I'm trying to get rid of.  I even lost my voice and its still gone...not fun! LOL
So we haven't been out there due to us being sick and it's been really cold here and were pretty much at a standstill till  we get temp electricity out to our property, which is scheduled for NEXT Friday.
I swear there is never a sense of urgency in home building it appears. 
Basically, there is water in the basement and they need to pump it out to pour the flooring.  Also it snowed again today and is suppose to rain next week so no progress.
Anyways, I just wanted to post a photo of our stone selection we chose for our main arch for the entry of the home.
We went with this color:

But we want it in the cut cobblestone look, which looks like this
Confused yet? LOL  Try looking at 1,000 stone selections and types of stones (how they are cut). 
We wanted the stone to not be "perfect" and have clean cut corners so we choose cobblestone. 
I am so excited we were able to add stone to our home, Brent and I  have always loved the houses that had Stone and brick today.
It seems so surreal that THIS year we will be in our new home (well....hopefully, if it quits snowing and raining LOL)
Have a great weekend!

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