January 21, 2013

House Building-Basement Walls

Here is the newest update on our home building adventure.  We went last week to check on the progress but always went when it was too late.
So yesterday when we met Brents parents out at the land yesterday to show them the progress and they wanted to see Aiden I got to take some photos in the light :)

Basement walls have been poured!

3 car garage area.
You can see the cutout part where our escape window well and ladder will be
This photo shows the brick ledege (where the bricks will go at)
Today they are suppose to be waterproofing and installing installation on the basement.
Also, if you could say a quick prayer.  We are testing ONE more area for a ground septic (not the mound we have going in now).  The cost of this is so high and such a burden on us right now.
We are so excited!  Cant wait to see the basement floor poured, but this week its SO cold so they dont know if we can yet.
Thanks for looking!

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