January 12, 2013

House Building-Basement Update!

Time for a new house update!  We are so happy everything is going on track and pretty smoothly
*knocks on wood*
We went to the land today after Brent got home.  It is suppose to rain today and tomorrow so we wanted to see it before it rained.
We pulled up and our construction drive is so worn away...ALREADY!?  And of course all the melting snow and mud didn't help much.
Pulled up and was surprised.  The footers are in and poured. 

(I apologize if this is boring for the readers, but I want to document all this process and we are SO excited!)
It's so fun to see the "shape" of our house coming together!
Things have been dropped off to place and pour the walls!
Aiden is in heaven...lots of dirt to dig!
(Made him wear boots--wasn't too happy with me)
What a mess already and only less than 2 weeks in
Next week is suppose to be no rain in the forecast so we are hoping more things get done! 
***And, YES.....these pics are only a few days apart and we are not wearing coats anymore, and theres no snow left compared to our photos below.  Thats Indiana weather for you.  Tomorrow its suppose to sleet......go figure!! 

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