January 9, 2013

New Adventure-House Building

Gosh, it's so easy to let life get in the way of blogging.  I have been very busy with my Etsy shoppe, being a mom to Aiden, and spending time with my family.  We have also been busy selling our home, living in a rental, buying land, preparing the land and now building on the land :)
It has been a long process to get here and I want to document all these photos and my thoughts and feelings as we build, because let's be honest....its stressful but so exciting as well.  I also want our family members to be caught up on our process because they don't live in the same town as us.
Here is a little history.  We purchased land that has been foreclosed (it had an old house on it and a shed).  This was March 2011.  We continued saving money and had to pick a builder, choose our floor plan, prepare the land to build, and of course save MORE MONEY (do you ever really save enough?!) lol. 

Land & House right when we became the new owners.

(Love the blue trim?!)

Matching Shed
The main thing that made us fall in love with the piece of land, all the mature trees.  Love them!
We purchased a nice zero turn lawn mower and started to plan again.  In August 2011, Brent received a phone call that our shed had been burnt down. What?!
The fire department ruled it as arson and we were devastated and felt violated.  Of course, we stored our new lawn mower there thinking it was completely safe and locked up. 
Thankfully several people called the fire in and reported it burning.
Fast forward to 2012, We contacted the local fire department and donated the house for them to use in training and to ultimately burn the house down. 
 What was left over...
We then contracted someone to come out and clean up all the fire mess and now you cant really tell there was every any fires, let alone buildings.

FAST FORWARD----------->
We have chosen our builder, our floor plan and are now ready to build. Did we want to build in the winter? Of course not, but it is what is is.

The first official digging day was January 7th 2013. They cut the temp driveway in (we need more rocks, 3 truck loads didn't even touch it) and dug our basement. Footers were placed on January 8th and concrete is going in today for those (January 9th)

Here are the photos from the first day. We were there early enough to see the first dig. SO exciting!
Starting to cut out temp driveway
The area "before"
About to make the first official dig for basement
We then went to lunch and picked our our stone color to go with our bricks and we came back in a few short hours and all of this had been done!

These dirt piles were so tall!  Brent is 6'4 they were much taller.
Ran out of rocks.
Were so excited!  We chose a ranch floor plan with a full basement.  House will have 3 bedrooms + hobby room (my scrapbook room), and a dining room.  I have always wanted a dining room!
Now its suppose to rain the rest of the week so fingers crossed they can keep working next week!

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