February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day Recap

Hello!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day yesterday!
I know Aiden did ;)
He is quite spoiled these days and got lots of fun presents and cards to open.
Somehow I got him to wait till around 9pm when Brent was finally home, we ate Texas Roadhouse, and watched Survivor and got his bath in...
We were also able to do this with Christmas presents also last Christmas (not at 9pm, but after all our parties on Christmas).  Hes pretty amazing and has wonderful patience....most of the time!
I was asked to come to his class and have a craft for the kids to do in his class.  I chose for them to make Valentine's for a loved one or friend.
I was the only parent that showed up, so they all got to sing their songs to me, I got to do the craft with them, have the party with them, and was even asked to go outside on their recess and watch a movie with them....Aiden loved it!  Hopefully that lasts for awhile because I loved being there and I am so grateful that I am able to stay at home and be able to do those fun memories with him.
Ready to open his cards and presents
We first started with his class Valentines he got from his class.  Here is what he wanted to give to his classmates this year..ring pops!
(those cheap blinds behind him def. need replaced before we move out of our rental here..ugh silly basketball always hitting them)
Grandma Marlene and Grandpa Glenn's card was a big it.  He loved the card and the $$ inside.  He even said it was going in his piggy bank, and it did!  So proud of him lol.
Next up,
Grandma Nancy and Grandpa John's present, which came in the mail earlier that day.  I always leave it in the box so he can run and get it.  Nancy, he LOVES this so thank you :)

Spent about 15 min trying to get his new movie out (he was trying to slide it out horizontally) .wouldn't let us help him of course.  He succeeded! 

Grandma Beth and Papaw Brian's bag was next.

Loved the light for his new room

And tons of m&m's

Mommy & Daddy's was next

So excited..he has been wanting a penguin dream lite animal for months now

Card Aiden and I made Brent

Aiden at his school party

Valentine he made me at school


Thanks mom for the beautiful tag, twine and building stickers

Also thank you so much to Brent's parents for the cute card and gift card for a yummy dinner at Red Robin.....YUM!
So thank you everyone who spoiled us Valentine's Day.  We love you all and really appreciate it!
**House Update**
They did pour the garage floor and lumber is suppose to be delivered today for framing.  Depending on the contractor, they may or may not begin TODAY on framing.  It's snowing here so who knows if they are working.  So exciting!
Have a great weekend!

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