October 5, 2011

Halloween Card


Happy Wednesday.  I cant believe its only Wednesday...feels like it should be Friday already!!  This will probably be pretty short.  I need to take Aiden to preschool here in a few min and then come home and work on orders galore!

I hope today goes well for him.  Today is the first day of actual preschool he is wearing his big boy underwear, we usually put him in a pull up, but not anymore.  I hope it goes okay! 

Here is another Halloween card I created a few nights ago.  I love this stamp!  I cannot find my mini pom poms for the cheerleaders pompoms or the clowns hat, oh well it still worked out.  There is glitter on them anyways.

Love this ribbon...so fun, sparkly and 3d!

Well, gotta drop Aiden off at school!

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