October 20, 2011

Busy Fall Days


Sorry its been awhile...again haha.  We have been super busy and enjoying the nicer Fall weather.  Although for 3 days straight it has been raining non stop.  Yuck!

We were busy taking Aiden's 3 year pics

Went on a train ride

 Went to a pumpkin patch with grandma and grandpa (they also rode the train with us)

Aiden was so much fun at the pumpkin patch.  He had to sit on every larger pumpkin and say "Take a picture"...what a cutie!  He loved the tractor ride to the patch.  He was SO SO SO good...good as gold as we did the train ride and pumpkin patch all in the SAME day.

Then we had a nice steak dinner...yummy!  Love spending time with our family with Aiden.  He is at the perfect age to do things and not have to lug the stroller around or a big diaper bag.  Just my camera and a thing of chocolate milk ;)

This post will also serve as his 37 month recape as well since these are recent pics!
Aiden is always on the move!  Still doing great at potty training.  Wears 3T to 4T (most pants)  He is back to being 50% in weight and height.  Loves preschool and doing crafs at school.  He also loves playing in the gym there and doing any sports.  Still loves Chica Chica Boom Boom and is starting to learn all the letters!  Still wanting to eat chicken, mac and cheese, "big cookie", cheese, pretzels and has been tasting alot of other stuff!  I love this kid SOOOO much!! Its pretty amazing

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Rachel W K said...

I love the picture of him sitting on top of the pumpkin, it makes the look so big! I'm glad your precious boy is doing so well, he looks wonderful in the photos!

-rachel w k


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