September 14, 2011

Harley, School, and Pumpkins

Hello Everyone!

This will be cut pretty short.  Its time for me to go and pick Aiden up from pre-school.  I went to Michaels and Jo-Anns today and also talked to my mom for a little bit and before I know 3 hours are up and time to get Aiden.  I love dropping him off now...he LOVES school and always tells me he wants to go back tomorrow.  I miss him at the same time but its oh so nice to go places by myself once in awhile LOL

A customer on Etsy needed me to make a birthday card for her "Harley Man" she here is what I came up.  She liked me Harley Invite and wanted me to change it to a bday card instead.

Love the fun chrome technique on the card.  The real card is very shiny and fun to look at!  He loves mountains AND his Harley so she was so excited to find this card...I love getting reponses like that!

I also created an adorable pumpkin themed banner for a twins bday party.  Love the way this one turned out.  For more details...visit the party blog!

Come back tomorrow for more projects!
Time to pick up Aiden!

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