September 9, 2011

Aidens Party!

Sorry its been a whole week without posting!  My sons party was last weekend and I had been VERY busy making his party extra special for him, as well as keeping up with my orders!
Lets start off with some exciting news...Here is the new button I created for Inked Treasures Digi stamps!  I am releasing FOUR new digi stamps today so head on over to the store NOW!

Aiden doesnt officially turn 3 till this Saturday but we needed to have the party on the 3rd so alot of people could come and help him celebrate.  I still need to get his 3 year old pictures taken but its harder now that hes in school everyday.

This picture is out of order but here he is blowing out his candle.  His theme was "Ball Party", so we had lots of ball themed items.  He wanted to blow out the candle at least 3 was pretty cute!

We had the party at my grandparents since its in our hometown and easy for everyone to get to.

Here is some of the table decor.  

Here is a closeup.  I made the centerpieces.  Each one had different themed ball in them.  I did the napkin rings and the photo cubes that have pictures of him throughout the year.  And we made cake in a jar favors for everyone to take home.

Here is a closeup of the napkin rings, again each one had a different ball on it

Here is the birthday banner I created for Aiden. 

 Outside sign to welcome people to his party.  I kept the sign pretty plain so he could use it in his room or for more parties, so I just stuck with his name.  Loved this!

I made cupcakes in Chocolate and Strawberry, each one is a different ball/sport
*Tennis Ball

His cake was french vanilla/white and was a 3d soccer ball cake sitting ontop of "grass".  I loved making his cake again this year!  

My sister in law was in charge of taking pictures of him opening his gifts since I sat on the floor with him and helped.  He loved his party and keeps talking about it!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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