August 26, 2011



T.G.I.F!!!  I love Fridays!! I really miss seeing Aiden 24/7 now that hes in preschool so I love getting the weekends with him!

This weekend is pretty busy for us....we are having to borrow a lawn mower (commercial size one so we dont have to use our push one for 5 acres LOL) and borrow a trailer so that we can mow our land since our dixie chopper was destroyed.  Thank goodness...the grass is getting SO tall and the propertly looks overgrown and now our beautiful land/lawn

We are also going to my grandmas this weekend and I of course will be busy working on Aidens party decor!  So excited for his party coming up.  Can you believe he will be 3?!?!

In the meantime here are some recent Etsy orders I have been getting done

 Cupcake Toppers
High Chair Banners

I am SO happy to say that as of today all my paid orders have been shipped out!  We will see how long that lasts LOL.  I am needing to stay caught up...we are sick here at the house.  Colds in August??  Not fun!

Thanks for coming and check back soon for more updates!  Have a great weekend

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