August 24, 2011

Princess Crown


Right now Aiden is in preschool so I have a few minutes to blog.  I usually come home and work on my Etsy orders for the night so I can spend more time with Aiden and Brent once he gets home.  However, I needed to go to Hobby Lobby today for more paper and ribbon for my shop needs so its pretty much too late to start anything since I pick Aiden back up in 20 min or so.

We havent had any tears dropping him off at preschool.  I need to get busy working on his party decor and cake plans! 

Speaking of cakes..I was asked to create a nameplate for a Diaper Cake.  I was given freedom to create anything it just needed to be a princess crown theme, have her name, and be blingy!

Loved the way it turned out.  The sparkles match in real life...not sure why they are showing up as orange.

I also just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!

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