August 17, 2011

Preschool and 35 Months

 Hello!!  This week and last has been bittersweet for me...Aiden started preschool.

I am not too sure why he insists on growing up?!  His first day was August 10th and he did pretty good.  In fact, he didnt cry until Friday, which I assume is because I wasnt there and my  nephew (whos 4) was and didnt have school yet.  Who would rather go to school than stay home and play?

Now he has started crying, actually yesterday was the worst and today got better.  It breaks my heart. I actually left with a teary eye today :(

Here is Aiden getting ready for his first day.  We have been working on the smile thing can you tell?!

Although he still does this, which is really precious in real life LOL
Goodness I love this kid!  I cried the first day.  I admit it, bawled.  It was terrible and I miss him being home all the time with me.  Hopefully this gets better?!

While I am at it, it is his 35 Months Recap:

This month is bittersweet for mommy and daddy.  You have done several things that just shout I am not longer a baby but a TODDLER!  We started potty training and you are doing SO SO SO good.  Although we are working on the big potty.

You also started school this month.  I know its scary at first when mommy drops you off but at the end of the day you are SO excited and are doing your little yoga poses (they do this!) against the wall waiting for me.  I love when I see papers in your backpack.  Each and every one is on the fridge so far.

Aiden, you amaze me more and more each day and I love you more (you have started saying melts my heart!)

Wearing 3T mostly in clothes
Still love chicken, mac and cheese, chips, pretzels and cookies.  And yes, we still give you vitamins and pediasure to make up for that diet.
NO MORE DIAPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!  You look adorable in big boy underwear!
Love being outside
Always talk about wanting to go to your grandma Nancy's house (monkey).  And you are always calling her on the phone and talking about Ipad and Angry Birds LOL
Still loves playing in the sand box, going to the park, and taking bubble baths.

You are obsessed with movies for 2 weeks at the time then switch and then go back
*Bee Movie
*Elmo Potty
*Rio (thanks to your other grandma Beth!) Which you call the movie Angry Birds

Back to love reading books! YAY!!!

Love you so much Aiden!
Love, Mommy

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