August 9, 2011

Why I havent posted....

Hello!  It's Tuesday already?!  This past weekend was rough for us.
One of our cars is pretty much done with (were trying to build a house so this isnt the best timing)

Oh and speaking of the land we want to built on, we were called on Saturday morning by the fire department in the city where the land is and there had been a fire to our shed on the property.

Just a small pic..but as you can see a total loss.  They are pretty sure it was arson or someone trying to steal our dixie chopper lawnmower we stored in there.
(see the frame?)

So sad. 

They didnt touch the the older house on the property so whos knows.  Its hard to tell what happened since no one was there and it is surrounded by corn fields and bean fields.

I have also been busy working on my current etsy orders....I created a photo banner in custom colors.

I have also closed my shop for the rest of the week since TOMORROW is Aidens first day of school and Friday I have a stamp convention to attend and I have alot of orders still PLUS Aidens invites need to get done/sent out.

Well its time to go to Aidens preschool orienetation...see you later!

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