August 4, 2011

Still dry!

Yes, the title means Aiden is STILL dry!!  YAY!  It seems so weird not changing diapers anymore and I am amazed at how quickly he caught on.

Here he is putting some stickers on his potty chart.  At first I was worried he would still be 5 and wanting stickers and prize but we havent put stickers on the chart since looks like we are good.  And he hasnt really asked for a toy from the bag since that day as well who knows!

Yesterday Clare's order went out...she requested the cowboy theme for my Etsy shop.  I just love the colors together!!
Also I am so proud of myself..I created a button for my website when I sponsor challenges and to put on my blog.  Did you know Inked Treasures has a blog where I list more details on the card samples??? Check it out!
You can click the button and see how it moves...for some reason blogger isnt showing the button flashes the characters and the address again! 
Time to make lunch for Aiden and I...come back soon!

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