August 2, 2011

And the name is.........

Yes....I can finally tell you the name of my NEW digi stamp company!! 

I also just logged into my blog "dashboard" and I realized I had over 40 comments throughout the past week-2 weeks that hadnt been published until I said they were ok...which is weird because I didnt have that moderation clicked.  Oh well..So THANKYOU for all your kind words!

Here are the 3 characters that make up Inked Treasures:

And because summer is fastly coming to an end and school starts is Back to school Ellie.

Perfect for fun cards for your child or sneak into their lunchbox and even create teachers gifts with!

On a personal blog note...We embarked on potty training with Aiden this past weekend.  I officially started on Friday the 29th and it was a mess, literally

Aiden didnt understand when to know he had to go to the bathroom and it was bad.  We were both tired, cranky, and frustrated and I was ready to give in.  Do you know how hard it is to NOT ask if he wanted a diaper change, which of course he was asking for them as well.   :(

Saturday-  I had Brents help and it was SO much easier.  Aiden had a few accidents but quickly caught on.  He really wanted to look at our prize bag and get a sticker. 

Sunday-  I felt confident enough for me to leave to my grandparents real fast, well I thought it would be real fast.......... until I was ready to get in my car and I couldnt find my keys.  Yep, they were locked in my car right in plain view in my cup holder.  I am 26 and have NEVER done this and of course I had to call Brent (we live almost 1.5" away") to come with the spare keys.  I was upset because that meant Aiden would have an accident and we messed this up.

Anyways...of course we are having troubles with the other car and they got stranded and could go to Kroger (thank goodness for air conditioning close by!)  I had to borrow my grandparents car, come and get them, head back down, borrow a truck from Brents dad and we made it home)

Aiden didnt have an accident......he held it and went before we left to my grandparents, at my grandparents and at Brents dad!!!!!!

I am so proud of Aiden.  Alll we need to work on now is going "poo-poo" in the potty..he still isnt a fan of that! LOL

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