June 30, 2011

The Attack......

Hey Everyone!
Everyone ready for another holiday weekend?! I am!! I havent been posting because I have been in so so much pain.
For about a week now I have been getting this awful back pain. Its terrible. I cant sit, stand, sleep, or be in a good mood. It literally makes me cry because it hurts SO bad. I told Brent that if I had been pregant, I would have bet money I was in labor.
Anyways I took some medicine and fell asleep (s0mehow) with the heat pad. The next night it got worse and than I started vomiting and just getting sick all the time. The next day...it was gone and I felt great! So weird. Fast forward 2 days later....it came back.
I was ready to go to the hospital at 4 in the morning but instead called a 24 hour hotline number for a womens dr...I figured they could still help me since I felt like I had to urinate 24/7 at this time LOL......she told me she needed to see me within 4 hours. Not going to happen with a sleeping toddler at 4am and I DO NOT want him to go to the hospital and get something OR wait for me.
I live in a big area, I wasnt dying so I knew I would be sitting at the emergency room too long, besides I couldnt sit.
So somehow I fell asleep and woke up at noon. Pain was gone...just a little sore on the back. Went to urgent care and it looks like I had a kidney infection and the only thing he could say about the "attack of pain was kidney stones.
So my pattern has been back hurting, feeling good for 2 days, HURTING again. Well...today has been 2 days of feeling good and I am scared its going to come back LOL. This time I was told I had to go to the hospital if it happens again. *GULP* Pray for me!
Anyways...so being in pain AND trying to do orders. I only shipped one order to the wrong address...not too bad in my book ;) (I wont even count it as that...its her other address, shes in a different city right now, so technically it WAS her house I sent it too, just not the right one currently).
Above are some pics of some recent orders. I am booked till July 10th with parties as my orders have really increased lately!
Well I need to get off here and get some work done before my attack starts...wait Im suppose to think positive right?!

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