July 15, 2011

Has it been that long?Aiden 34 months

I promise..I really don't intend to go that long without blogging. Life is super busy, as always :)
I have been very busy with a secret project that I will be telling about IN A FEW DAYS!!! The time as come to start giving some hints. Trust me..I have been online and "working" just not on this blog :(
(and no..I am not pregnant..isn't that what everyone assumes when someone my age says that)

I also have been busy with Etsy. I have been working every night just so I can enjoy the weekends with my boys. I love them so so so much. It's sad...Aiden will be starting preschool in LESS than a month. I cried. Last night in bed thinking about him leaving and growing up.

I have some type of control issues. He is my precious blessing. If you have watched Aiden or been alone with him...I must love you more than you imagine because I will not leave him with anyone I don't 100% completely trust. He is my everything!!

Here have been some recent projects

And here is my blessing...loving sparklers on our 4th of July celebration. And speaking of Aiden...its time for his
34 Months
34 MONTHS...please please please stop growing and remain my baby forever? This has been a hard month for me and I know next month will be even harder. I should be jumping up and down that you got into preschool AND you get to ride a bus..........by yourself.........everyday....WITHOUT ME!!!!! I have to put on a brave face so that you have a shot of actually going without crying for me to come with you. I pray you love school. I pray you cannot wait to get to the bus stop and see new friends. Why I secretly cry my eyes out because I miss my buddy whos always at home with me by my side.
This growing up this is hard...but you have come SO far. You amaze me and your daddy every single day with what you do, the things you say, and what you learn. You are taking in sentences now. Its the craziest thing...we have conversations! You also can count up to 1o now...once you get started that is LOL.
Right now at 34 months you
Love dancing to music in the car
No one can get a hold of me...my cell is always dead because you LOVE playing angry birds, soccer, and zebra paint on my phone...
LOVE watching Cars and Olivia and the Fresh Beat Band
Still in diapers....how I wish this wasnt true :)
Loves apple juice again
Still has to be outside as much as possible. Favorite outside toy would have to be your bubble mower. We take it to our 5 acres and you just mow and mow...too bad it doesnt really work ;)
Talk about riding the school bus....by yourself all the time......breaks my heart!
I also have to note that when we drive by this bakery that has cakes in the window you always scream CAKES...I love it and I will miss it when we move
I love you Aiden...I promise I wont be the controlling worry wart mom once you get in highschool...well I take that back...I will just be better at hiding it ;)

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