May 6, 2011

Sick Sick Sick........

I am alive! Sorry for not blogging so much. I have had this posted started for so long now but always got taken away before I could finish :(
Aiden comes first during the day, by the time I am done working on orders or spending time with my family its time for bed, and now I am sick. I went to the Dr yesterday and was given some steroid form of medicine to help me kick this whole Sinus thing...not fun!
I need to get better since its the holiday weekend and we will be at both sides of family. Poor Aiden also has this and Brent was sick from work yesterday.
We also had some pretty nasty storms here in the midwest and are just glad they are over..for now! I have been busy working with my Etsy items and one of the items is a smaller version of my balloon wreath which I will add soon to my store! This wreath is a 12" versus the 18" in the store now.

I hope you come back soon and have a great weekend!!

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