May 27, 2011


Happy Saturday everyone!! I hope everyone gets to enjoy an extra long weekend! Hubby has Monday and Tuesday off!! I love his works out so well for our family!
For some reason blogger has been giving me lots of problems. For example, it says I wrote that last post on the 6th, no 26th. Weird and now I cant move any pictures...which is why they are all at the top!
Those are some of the current cards I was able to create.
The first one is the card I created for my sisters college graduation. She loves black/pink so it works!
The second one I made for my aunt when she watched Mr. Aiden and my nephew when we closed on our land we purchased!
I also updated my party blog with another client photo! I love getting those pictures in my inbox and seeing how happy they are!
Today we have a busy day. We are going to Brents family for the holiday and my uncles house on Sunday. I am OFFICIALLY caught up on ALL paid orders, just working on a few samples and I am SOOOO excited!! I finally get a chance to work on some BRAND new items!! I am so excited to show you these things..I also hope to clean my scrapbook room. Its terrible...I wont even lie. I step on about 23920 things when I try to sit down. No joke
Well I hope everyone has a great saturday! Come back soon!

Here is the link to my party blog if you are interested!

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