May 3, 2011

Catching Up

Easter was SO much more fun this year than last year :)

Can't wait to see what Aidens like next year!

We were able to celebrate Easter for several days. Brents family on Saturday and our personal one and my families on Sunday evening. Of course it has been raining for 9232 days straight so pictures werent the best.

Here is Aiden ready to go outside. Hes thinking "c'mom more pics..lets go outside!"

I hid the eggs on the porch, front area and on the cars in the driveway since it was so rainy out.

Here is a picture from my aunts house...who have bunnies! Look how precious this picture turned out! Oh...and can you tell hes spoiled by all the stuff around him LOL

This year I wanted to start another family tradition. Adorable monogrammed Easter baskets that all my kids could have. Pottery Barn has the cutest baskets/liners and sell out FAST each year. I was lucky to be able to get TWO..the larger one (below) which is the basket the Easter Bunny leaves and a smaller one Aiden gets to keep to gather eggs at hunts and take to family.

Look how cute his basket turned out! ITS HUGE! A huge ball, pack of sidewalk chalk, candy, frisbee and bubbles all fit in there!

I also want to share some adorable custom Curious George items I created for a client a couple weeks ago. I love the way they turned out!!

Time to start the roast for dinner! Come back soon!

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