April 22, 2011

Aiden 30& 31 Months Recap

Since I missed his last two recaps...here they are! My how time is flying by...


30&31 Month Recaps

I cannot believe you will be THREE in September. Mommy has already started planning your party and the theme....everytime I start planning it and you see the images you go insane...reassuring me we picked the right theme for this year LOL.

I actually cried the other day thinking of how fast you are growing up. Of course I should be rejoicing and thanking God for making you a healthy and happy little boy, but I miss you in the baby stage. It also makes having another baby in the future so hard because I love you SO much, I cannot imagine sharing your time with anyone else right now.

  • Talking SO much now. You really have started catching up and are saying phrases now. Favorite things you say now are...

  1. "I can't eech" (I cant reach)

  2. "I don't like it"

  3. "Its Aidens"

  4. When I say I Love You Aiden..you just say "you" back to me LOL.silly boy

  5. I pet "hehe" (Chloe)

  6. Im stuck

  7. I cant move

  8. Im running

Some fun things to remember you doing:

  • Hopping everyone or jumping and you say "Im jumpin"

  • Everything you see a playset in real life or on tv you call it a park

  • You have to push buttons everytime. On the microwave, our doorbell, the garage door opener

  • When you need a diaper change you always tell me "It smells or Its stinky" and before I change you...you have to stand a few feet away and throw me the diaper...if I dont catch it we have to do it all over again LOL I pray each time I catch it on the first try

  • you are obsessed with basketball

  • you have started liking Olivia, the piggy as you call it

  • have to have bubbles in your bath now

  • back to drinking chocolate milk, last month you ONLY wanted white

  • back to letting me read you books again...YAY

  • really starting to play with all your toys again

Some not so fun things we need to remember at this stage....

  • Everytime you fall down you yell, "It hurts" which scares me to death thinking you're actually hurt.

  • the temper tantrums...oh those can go AWAY

  • never want help anymore (especially getting out of the high car)

  • will not ride in carts anymore, hold hands across the parking lot or stay with me in general in a store, especially craft stores lately ;)

  • started biting..and hitting...where do you learn these things?

  • no more naps

  • waking up everynight again

But...the good outweight the bad!!! We love you so much Aiden!!!!

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