April 20, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away.......


We had some crazy storms the other night. Lots of scary winds, rain, and the tornado sirens going off and on all night. What makes it worse is right now we live right on the county line so I heard both counties sirens going off LOL.

Tonight has been pretty calm but I guess rain is back in the forecast for Friday.

Aiden and I just stayed in the house today. It sure doesnt feel like April outside. I feel so bad not taking him out to play, but its pretty cold outside!

When we closed on our land (SO EXCITED STILL!!!) I was suppose to watch my nephew, but I couldnt see me taking a 3 year old and a 2 year old to closing, so my aunt watched the boys for me. THANK YOU DANA!

I wanted to give her a thankyou card so I created the card below and put a Hobby Lobby gift card inside just as a little token of appreciation.

Its hard to see, but the purple butterfly is popdotted for a 3d look. Love the colors together!

Well its after midnight and I need to package up some Etsy orders before going to bed so goodnight!

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